ASHS Update NCEA Exam and UEGs

ASHS Update NCEA Exam and UEGs

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ASHS Update

NCEA Exam and UEGs

Kia ora whanau,
Just following on from a few news stories this morning I just wanted to reiterate the situation as it stands at ASHS. The following is completely in line with rules and expectation from NZQA.

Unexpected Event Grades for external standards (UEGs) and NCEA Exams

All students will be awarded Unexpected Event Grades (UEGs) for all external NCEA standards they are entered in. This grade is not a predictive grade, it is a grade awarded based on all of the evidence the teacher has in regards to each external standard. This may include classwork, tests and any internal assessments completed to date. This grade will be published for students by the end of, Week 5, Term 4.

NCEA Exams will be running as normal this year and students are encouraged to sit their end of year exams. However, students will receive their UEG whether they attend the exam or not. Students may decide to sit the physical examinations in the hope of achieving a better grade or because they value the experience of sitting an exam. If a student does attend an exam they will receive their highest grade – their UEG or the exam grade. 

At ASHS we acknowledge that we are living through a pandemic and that attending an exam may compound student anxiety. We will support each of our learners to make a decision about exams that supports both their academic plan and wellbeing. 

We intend for most students to meet their learning goals and they will be signed out for “study leave” by the end of Week 3. We will continue to run a mixture of online and face to face targeted support and workshops throughout Term 4 for those that need it. 

If you have any questions regarding your young person’s academic plan and when they will most likely be signed out for “study leave” please talk to your young person and/or contact their tutor. 

2021 NCEA Exam Information 
Note – students will get an unexpected event grade (UEG) for all external standards they are entered in, even if they do not attend their exam. They are, however, welcome to sit any and all exams, particularly if they are aiming for a higher grade. If you (or they) are uncertain of any UEG grades please get them to contact their specialist subject teacher(s). 
Info for students:
Admission slips and Identification:
If you are intending to sit an exam, please collect your admission slip from reception on the day of your first exam, You must bring this to the exam along with valid photo identification (Drivers licence, student id)
Please see this doc for further information. 
Exam times and etiquette:
Please read through the information on this slideshow carefully and make sure you are at school 30 mins before exams start.
If you are doing a digital exam, please make sure your device is fully charged and settings are as described in the presentation.

Learner Logins:
All students doing NCEA internal and external assessments will need an NZQA Learner Login to access their results and qualifications in January.

Students should go to to either test that their login is working or set it up. They will need their NSN number as part of the verification process and should use a personal email address as this will be their account for life. The learner login is vital for enabling them to see their marked exam papers, do digital exams, and order qualification documents. NZQA has help for students who are having issues with setting up or accessing their Learner Login .

2021 Prizegiving and Learning Celebrations

As we are unable to hold face to face prize giving ceremonies next week we have decided to push out our prizegiving ceremonies until Wednesday 15 December. Depending on the levels and/or traffic light situation we will aim to invite students in for an on site celebration. This will most likely be limited to student prize winners. More details will be confirmed closer to that date. 

2021 Prizegiving and Learning Celebration (details TBC)

Wednesday 15th December

9am – Year 11  Learning Celebration
10am – Year 12 Learning Celebration 
11am – Year 13  Premier Learning Celebration

Tuesday 14th December

2pm – 2021 Sports Celebrations

We are hoping to hold this event on campus. The event itself will be outdoors in our Courtyard space. We will host all the players who will be acknowledged with an award and invitations will be sent to them directly. Unfortunately at this Covid-19 Level, we cannot have whānau on site.  

It will be streamed live on the ASHS Sport FB page and all winners will be acknowledged with a post on the Sports website and social media.

Until then…

Be kind.

Stay safe.

Stay home.

Wear a mask if going out!

We got this team!!

Nga mihi

Claire Amos
Principal | Tumuaki
Albany Senior High School
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