Build your learning power.

The tutorial curriculum sits at the heart of all that we do at Albany Senior High School. We recognise the need for every ākonga to have a significant adult or champion (tutor) to support their learning journey. Tutors work in partnership with their ākonga holistically and believe that every single ākonga is capable of achieving success and become lifelong learners. A tutor will:

  • advocate for all ākonga
  • develop a nurturing relationship
  • build ākonga’s sense of identity, worth and belonging within our school community 
  • support personalised goals and an individualised pathway
  • collaborate with whānau 
  • ensure that ākonga’s voices are heard and acted upon
  • facilitate multi-level learning opportunities between ākonga
  • grow ākonga’s emotional intelligence

The Vision

The vision for the Tutorial curriculum empowers our learners to develop their personal worldview through building their personal agency, exploring their pathway within and beyond school and asking critical questions

Programme Structure

We keep the tutorial groups small and allocate sufficient time (2 × 100 minute periods per week). Tutorial groups are vertical groups to encourage peer mentoring and positive role modelling.

  • It is the tutor who has relationships with whānau and if whānau has concerns they have a direct line to the tutor.
  • It is the tutor who knows how the ākonga is going across all the subjects and impact projects and can liaise with specialist subject leaders and impact project mentors.
  • It is the tutor who meets with the ākonga and the whānau to set learning goals.
  • It is the tutor who monitors ākonga’s progress towards achieving the goals set for NCEA and future pathways
  • It is the tutor who ensures the opportunity for success of every ākonga.