BYOD (Bring your own device)

BYOD (Bring your own device)

BYOD (Bring your own device)

Using technology to enhance and enable learning.

We recognise the potential fore-learning to extend and support learners and to open up new and different ways of learning. The New Zealand Curriculum states that e-learning has the potential to:

  • assist the making of connections by enabling students to enter and explore new learning environments, overcoming barriers of distance and time
  • facilitate shared learning by enabling students to join or create communities of learners that extend beyond the classroom
  • assist in the creation of supportive learning environments by offering resources that take account of individual, cultural, or developmental differences
  • enhance opportunities to learn by offering students virtual experiences and tools that allow them to take their learning further

Bring Your Own Device ?

Albany Senior High School uses Google Apps for Education (GAFE) for collaboration between students and teachers as well as many other types of software across different subjects and areas of the curriculum. We have a robust wireless network and it regularly handles close to 1000 concurrent users and can handle even more users if the need arises.

All students are encouraged to take part in the ASHS ‘Bring Your Own Device’ to integrate their learning both inside and outside of school and to take advantage of the information and collaborative opportunities the world wide web and access to technology provides.
The device might be a laptop, a Chromebook or a tablet – any Internet-capable device with a keyboard that can assist learning. A mobile phone is not an appropriate device to be used as a learning tool in all contexts, it may supplement another device.

If the student has a device that is serving him/her well then there is no expectation that a new device is purchased through this programme at this time. The programme simplifies the process for those needing to purchase a replacement device or a new device.

Device Programme

ASHS have partnered with NZ company Cyclone Computers to support our BYOD programme. Their online portal makes available a variety of hardware and accessory options at different price points that would meet the needs of any ASHS student.

Recently browsers and computer hardware has become powerful enough so that many of the key productivity tools are available on Chromebooks (through the google chrome browser) and tablets through applications written specifically for iPads and Android tablets.
While applications for tablets and Chromebooks aren’t generally as powerful as those that can be run on a laptop computer, they do provide useful functionality for learning.
In many student situations, such a device would be appropriate for their learning programme. If you want a device to collaborate with teachers, other students, to carry out internet research and use GAFE for storing your work in the cloud (which makes it available from any device with an internet connection) then a Chromebook might be the choice for you. One thing to keep in mind about Chromebooks is that, depending on which model you are using, most require an active internet connection to access all their functions.

However, specific subjects may be better served by a laptop with an independent operating system (Windows or MacOS).

These devices will have the capacity to install software that is provided to the learners as part of their programmes based on their subject choices.
Should your learner be studying any of these subjects at Level 1-3 then they may be better equipped with a device other than a Chromebook.
Subjects specifically affected at this time are:

  • Art – Digital Design
  • Art – Photography
  • Media Studies
  • Computer Science (Digital Technology)
  • Textiles Technology
  • Design and Visual Communication
  • Hard Materials Technology
  • Food Technology

Care and Maintenance

The Cyclone BYOD Purchasing programme is designed to support families in the care of the devices used by their learners. All devices through the programme will include a 3yr warranty and an option for insurance.

It is expected that all students will be prepared in the morning ready for learning with afullychargeddevice. Withanydevice,batterylifewilldegradenoticeablyafterthe first two years and significantly after three years. When engaged in learning on campus, we have a good number of powerpoints at ASHS, but it is worth keeping the practicalities of charging your device in mind when making a purchase.

Safety and security of any hardware brought on campus lie with the student. All learners are asked not to leave their devices unattended or unsupervised and this can compromise the safety of the hardware but also potentially lead to issues around responsible use and misuse of another’s resource.

Portal Details

Accessing the ASHS Portal for BYOD is as simple as clicking the link below and selecting Albany Senior High School.
There is no username and password required..

Link: ​

Cyclone also have additional items to support remote learning. Available is a large array of essential items, including recently added Jabra headsets, Microsoft Webcams, and various other key accessories

If you want any further advice on devices or about the purchasing process, please contact Cyclone
Phone: 0800 686 686