Report an Absence

Report an Absence

Report an Absence

General Absence Processes.

ASHS preference is to notify lateness or absences for your young person by completing the absence notification via the KAMAR mobile app or by phoning (09) 451 9065
The email address is an additional option.

Please endeavour to notify before 9.30am if possible, so the attendance can be recorded for your student. Please make sure that you have given a reason for the absence (Late – Medical/Illness – Doctor/Dentist – Appointment – Other) or the student will be marked unjustified. There are very limited reasons for justified absences. 

For more than 3 days of illness it would be great to receive a medical certificate. 
Should you wish to provide a medical certificate or other documents please email this to your young person’s tutor teacher.


Kamar AppNotify ASHS using a mobile device.

Download the KAMAR App on your iOS device (Apple) from the iTunes store or on your Android device from the Google Play store.

iOS: Apps Store      Android: Google Play Store.

For all information about how to access these 2 systems please click here.
To complete an absence notification please follow these simple steps.
If you need your ASHS Portal (KAMAR) Parent/Caregiver login credentials please contact  


Special Leave

For long term leave (more than 3 days) a special leave form must be printed, completed and submitted via reception for the Principal’s signature.  
Prior notification of 2 weeks is requested. 

Please Click Here to access the form.
It will need to be printed as the student should be making contact with each of their teachers..


PLEASE Delete your old App.   We are NO LONGER using the app distributed by SchoolAppsNZ.
If you are still using this app to send us absence notifications we will not receive them as this company is no longer contracted by ASHS.