Welcome Nau Mai, Haere mai
ki te kura mātua
o Albany

Your eyes will be opened to new ways of looking at the world, your mind will grow and you will thrive.

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Every student comes to us with unique gifts and strengths.

At Albany Senior High School it is our dream to nurture those strengths so that after 3 exciting and formative years with us the students will be inspiring young New Zealanders and world citizens who are empowered to make a difference.

Our Vision

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It's not IF you are bright, it's HOW you are bright

What is an Impact Project?

The Impact Projects are our response to the key competencies with the New Zealand Curriculum document. The students are required to develop a project based on their own strength and passions.

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Our Students Speak Out

  • " I feel very supported in my learning here. "
    - Ella Year 13

  • " I used to feel invisible and shy. After coming to Albany Senior High School, I have been nurtured by my teachers. This has meant that I am no longer scared of asking questions, and this has had a huge positive impact on my ability to learn. It has meant that I have achieved far more highly than ever before. My teachers have inspired me to take up leadership roles which I never thought I could possibly do before I came here. Because of Albany Senior High School, I now feel like I have something to offer the school and I feel more confident about who I am and what I am capable. "
    - Nina Year 13

  • " I like tutorial times because you can catch up on work and have a good bond with your tutorial teacher. "
    - Cheyanne Year 12

  • " After having attended tutorial class for nearly three years, I can very safely say that it is one of the most useful periods of my week. Not only is it a great time to clarify where my learning is at with my tutor teacher, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to meet students of different levels and ages who I would probably never meet otherwise. Having a tutor teacher who knows all about our learning is also a big plus as they are always pushing us to strive for our best and ensuring that we are on-track for our goals. "
    - Michael Year 13

  • " There are a lot more opportunities at ASHS to improve your leadership skills and put them to good use. It's not just the formal roles but through students ownership and agency everyone has the opportunity to be a leader. "
    - Ben Year 12