ASHS UPDATE – Welcome back and save the date!

ASHS UPDATE – Welcome back and save the date!

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Welcome back and save the date!

Kia ora ASHS whānau,

For those of you returning to ASHS this year – welcome back! To those of you who have joined the ASHS whānau in 2024, I want to extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you. 

ASHS Whānau Food Truck Evevning – Save the date!

Where: ASHS Plaza

When 5.00-7.00 pm Thursday 21st March

Who: Staff, students and whānau

This year, we are hosting a community evening for all of the students and their whānau. This promises to be a relaxed and fun night where you can come along and meet other students, our staff and the wider ASHS community. See the details below. 


Nationwide Cellphone Policy – Away for the day!

As you will know, there is now an expectation that students have their cell phones away for the day. Below is an outline of our expectations. We thank you for supporting us as we make this transition.

  • Our approach is “Away for the day from 9.00 am to 3.10 pm!”
  • We expect teachers to be proactive. They will establish expectations immediately.
  • Students are welcome to use cell phones as learning tools when instructed by the teacher.
  • Teachers are to enforce during class time – they will be a supportive squeaky wheel.
  • Teachers will “Remind. Remind. Remove”. Students will be told teachers can remove their cell phones for the remainder of the period if they need to remind students repeatedly.
  • Our senior leaders will remind students over break time.
  • At break time, they can check phones, use them to pay for things, etc., but are encouraged to then put them away.
  • The ASHS policy is being developed – it needs to go to the community for consultation and must be in place by the end of the term.

Bring your own device – using technology to enhance and enable learning.

Please remind your young person to bring their laptop or Chromebook to school each day. We have a small number of loan Chromebooks available in the library for those who need them. However, these should not be used by those students who have a device they can bring to school.

If you need support with purchasing an appropriate device for your son or daughter please contact DP Klaris Philipson at: 

ASHS is a Closed Campus – no students are to leave campus during the school day!

Please remind your young person that we are a closed campus and that no students should be trying to leave the school site throughout the school day. This includes morning tea and lunchtime. Any students who need to leave to go to an appointment during school time will need parent or caregiver permission and must sign out through Reception. 

Nga mihi 


Claire Amos
Principal | Tumuaki
Albany Senior High School
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