“Build your learning power”

Why Tutorials?

We recognise the need for every student to have an adult who knows them well, and who can get to know the families well. We talk about the ‘holy trinity’ – Family / Student / Tutor and how important that these are to ‘educationally powerful connections and relationships’ that will make a difference for the students.

We keep the tutorial groups small and allocate times (2 × 100 minute periods per week) so that there is time for the tutor to build the serious learning relationship required.

It is the tutor who has the relationships with the family and if the family has concerns they have a direct line to the tutor.

It is the tutor who knows how the student is going across all the subjects and can liaise with specialist subject leaders and Impact Project mentors if things are not going as they should.

It is the tutor who meets with the student and the family to set learning goals.

It is the tutor who keeps a close eye on whether the student is achieving the goals set for NCEA,

It is the tutor who ensures the success of every student.


Red Flags – twice a year.
Praise postcards – twice a year.
Academic stocktakes – twice a year
Compulsory Learning-orientated dialogues – twice a year
Direct email contact between Tutor and families.
Tutorial Study Booklet.

You’ll develop confidence, personal belief and be amazed at what you learn.