Professional Inquiry

AKO – to teach – to learn

If you’ve taught something and students haven’t learnt it then you haven’t taught it

Why Professional Inquiry?

We KNOW from Carol Dweck’s work and Guy Claxton’s work that all students can learn and will learn given the right environment. As teachers it is very easy to write our students off because of our own beliefs.

We have a model that will challenge our beliefs and theories and support teachers to see their own responsibility in the learning of their students.

Teachers talk individually with students about what they need (teachers are required to name the students) and to then respond with an intervention that will be helpful for the students.

We use the professional inquiry model for appraisal. Professional Inquiry is both a rigorous and collaborative process with teachers enlisting ‘critical friends’ to work alongside them. Teachers are required to write up in detail the process of their inquiry and then the learning that they can take with them.

The most important part of the model is what the teacher learns and what implications that will have for their future planning and teaching.


Professional Inquiry Template