Impact Projects

Take your learning to the world

The Impact Projects are our response to the key competencies with the New Zealand Curriculum document. The students are required to develop a project based on their own strength and passions. The four principles guide the students to develop worthwhile projects:

  1. Student ownership and agency
  2. Substantial learning beyond the classroom
  3. Quality product
  4. Participating and contributing with the community
The students have the opportunity to be an adult in the world and to develop the skills required:
  • time management
  • leadership
  • project management
  • participation in an authentic context of their own making
  • contribution to the world.

The students have the opportunity to develop their own learning and not to be limited by the limits of the teacher, the curriculum and the assessment. The time allocated is every Wednesday, for the whole day. The students do 2 projects per year.

The skills required for the students to complete a successful project are the skills that employers and universities clearly state are the skills required when students leave school.

The current impact project curriculum document that contains the learning outcomes for impact projects is here.