Impact Projects


To fulfill our vision and give life to our values at Albany Senior High School you will be engaging in an Impact Project. This is your chance to follow and explore your passions in an authentic project that equips you with essential learning for the future and makes a positive contribution to our community. You will be in charge of your learning. Learn more about Impact Projects here.

The 3Ps will guide you through this process:

  • The Proposal
  • Progressing the plan
  • Presenting and Evaluating

In impact projects you will be able to:

  • Choose a topic based on your interests.
  • Develop personal learning goals for your project. 
  • Find ways your project will benefit a community.
  • Collaborate with an expert to get help with your project.
  • Identify some potential stakeholders and work out ways to gather and understand their points of view e.g. survey, focus groups, video-conferencing.

You may work on your own or in a group.

Learn more about impact projects: "Take your learning to the world" and "The Four Principles of Impact Projects"


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