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Leadership is the Key

We know that the quality of teaching is the key to improving student outcomes THEREFORE

The role of every leader – Principal, Deputy Principals, Specialist Subject Leaders and Team-leaders – in the school is to build the capacity of the teachers across all three areas of the curriculum.

The whole school focus is the professional inquiry.

Every leader (Deputy Principals, Team Leaders, Specialist Subject Leaders) works with a group to develop the quality of the professional inquiries that teachers are undertaking.

Viviane Robinson’s, ‘Open to Learning Conversations’ form the basis of the weekly one-on-one sessions.

The senior leaders collaborate closely to plan and progress the teaching of the open-to-learning tool and to review and progress the professional inquiry model.

We are committed to the prime role of leadership being developing consistency of practice amongst our leaders and our teachers because we know that is the key to improving outcomes for students.